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T. Ackerman, Cameron

T. Ackerman, Cameron

Genero: Masculino

Nivel de Educacion: Master

Titulo de Grado: Hydraulic Engineer, Hydrology and Hydraulics

Descripción: Cameron Ackerman has been working at the Hydrologic Engineering Center since 1996 developing tools and methodologies to assist engineers with hydraulic analysis. As a member of the HEC-RAS team, he specializes in the application of GIS technology to river hydraulics. He has extensive experience in river hydraulics studies, dam break analysis, surface water hydrology, flood damage analysis, and developing GIS-based flood warning and response systems. His experience is highlighted by his national and international participation on the Independent Performance Evaluation Team performing hydraulic modeling for Hurricane Katrina, providing GIS facilitation for the Civil Military Emergency Preparedness program (Latvia exercise), and developing guidance for the Dam Safety Portfolio Risk Assessment team. Mr. Ackerman is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of California.
6 years, Hydraulic Engineer, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division, HEC. River analysis studies; research, development, and application of geographic information systems (GIS) methods for surface water modeling; and development of GIS-based flood warning and response system.

3 years, Hydraulic Engineer, Water Resource Systems Division and Planning Analysis Division, HEC. Research, development, and application of GIS methods for surface water modeling, flood damage analysis, and risk communication; riverine, wetland restoration, hydrology, and watershed impact analysis studies.

3 years, Civil Engineer Intern, HEC. Riverine and watershed studies; investigation of remote sensing techniques; effects of riverine wetlands for surface water hydrology; application of GIS methods for hydrologic analysis; development of GIS methods for surface water modeling.

2 seasons, Hydrology Crew Leader, USFS, Tahoe National Forest. Surveyed Sierra Nevada streams; fish and invertebrate sampling, movement of woody debris, channel characterization and measurement, Rosgen channel typing, monitor hydrologic impacts to watershed.

Nacionalidad: Estados Unidos

Idioma: Inglés

Especialización:  Hidrología (Experto)


Teléfonos: 530-756-1104 ext:358




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