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National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)


NEMO in cooperation with the respective Emergency Management Committees, and all Public and Private agencies, is established to preserve life and property throughout the country of Belize in the event of an emergency, threatened or real, and to mitigate the impact on the country and its people.

The NEMO comprises the Cabinet, with the Prime Minister as the Chairperson, the Cabinet Secretary, as Secretary, the NEMO Secretariat and the 10 Operational Committees (chaired by Permanent Secretaries). The ten Operational Committees are as follows:

Education, Communication and Warning; Medical and Relief Measures; Housing and Shelter; Search, Rescue and Initial Clearance; Collection Control and Distribution of Food and Material; Assessment and Evaluation of Damage; Foreign Assistance; Transport; Environment and Utilities.

The other permanent members are the Belize Red Cross, the Belize Teachers Union, the Chief Meteorological Officer, the Commandant BDF and the Commissioner of Police. Integral to NEMO are its 9 District Emergency Committees (chaired by the senior Minister in each District) representing Belize, Corozal, Orange Walk, Cayo, Stann Creek, Toledo, Belmopan, San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

NEMO Headquarters, City of Belmopan,
Belize, Central America


Punto Focal Operacional Nacional (PFON)

DEFOUR,  Shelton (Coordinador)

SMITH,  Joel  (Especialista)

E-mail: nemohqbmp@nemo.org.bz

Fax: (501) 822 2861 | (501) 802 0874

Teléfonos: (501) 822 2054 | (501) 822 0995 | (501) 822 2861

URL: http://www.nemo.org.bz/


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