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Agencia de Manejo de Emergencias y Desastres en El Caribe (CDEMA)


The motto of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency encapsulates the nature and work of this disaster management organisation which serves the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). This regional inter-governmental agency established in September 1991 by an Agreement of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM to be responsible for disaster management. There are presently sixteen Participating States within CDERA’s membership.

CDERA's main function is to make an immediate and coordinated response to any disastrous event affecting any Participating State, once the state requests such assistance.Other functions include: securing, collating and channeling to interested governmental and non-governmental organizations, comprehensive and reliable information on disasters affecting the region; mitigating or eliminating as far as possible, the consequences of disasters affecting Participating States; establishing and maintaining on a sustainable basis, adequate disaster response capabilities among Participating States; and, mobilizing and coordinating disaster relief from governmental and non-governmental organizations for affected Participating States.

Building #1 Manor Lodge, Lodge Hill, St Michael, Barbados


Punto Focal Regional (PFR)

JACKSON,  Ronald (Director)

E-mail: cdera@caribsurf.com

E-mail: coordinatorsec@cdera.org

E-mail: cdema@cdema.org

Teléfonos: (246) 425 0386

URL: http://www.cdema.org/


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