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Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM)


As a statutory body the ODPEM operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister with a Board of Management overseeing its activities.

The ODPEM has the unique role of being the only government agency to provide disaster management functions in Jamaica. Its operations are designed towards:

-Developing and implementing policies and programmes for the purpose of achieving and maintaining an appropriate state of national preparedness for natural disasters and other emergency events.

-To encourage and support disaster preparedness and mitigation measures in all parishes in association with Local Government authorities, community based organizations and private and voluntary agencies.

-Providing early warning, emergency response, relief and recovery operations in emergency situations.

-Advocating and supporting risk reduction measures.

-Providing training in all areas of disaster management.

-Promoting a greater national awareness for disaster management issues through public education and awareness.

-Conducting hazard identification and risk assessments.

-Conducting research in social behavior in relation to disaster mitigation and response.

-Establishing and maintaining mutual assistance and co-operation agreements among partner agencies, private sector and international donor organizations.

Address: 12 Camp Road
P.O. Box 122, Kingston 4, Jamaica


Punto Focal Operacional Nacional (PFON)

DAVIS,  Clive  (Director)

TUCKER,  Anna (Disaster Risk Management Specialist)

E-mail: odpem@cwjamaica.com

Fax: (876) 754 3229

Teléfonos: (876) 906 9674/5

Teléfonos: (876) 754 9077/8

URL: http://www.odpem.org.jm


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