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DARA Newsletter

Newsletter, February 2012

A word from the Director

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Five years of the Humanitarian Resonse Index
By Ross Mountain

This year marks the end of the first five-year phase of the Humanitarian Response Index (HRI). It is important to consider the HRI’s findings and analysis not as absolute truths, but as evidence of trends in donors’ practices that can help policy makers and their partners reflect on what is working well and what can be improved. Read more


Launch of The Humanitarian Response Index 2011

Humanitarian Voices: Juliet Pierce on Gender

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"If we got it right for women, we'd be getting it right for everybody. We've got to crack the passivity of the beneficiary."
The HRI 2011 focuses on gender. In this interview Juliet Pierce talks about how donors are integrating gender in humanitarian action and the need to include women in all stages of the response. Watch the interview

Juliet Pierce is a DARA Trustee and Former Director of the Performance Assessment Resource Centre (DFID).

Focus on Haiti: The Humanitarian Response Index 2011

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Building back better?
Two years after the earthquake that caused massive destruction to the country and two subsequent cholera epidemics, long-term recovery efforts are still inadequate. Hundreds of Haitians still live in temporary shelters, and the country is ill-prepared to face future crises. While many mistakes have been made, there are still opportunities for humanitarian actors to focus on living up to the promises made to Haiti by working to rebuild and renew. Read the report

Risk Reduction Index

Check out our revamped Risk Reduction Index page, with a new video of Randolph Kent, Head of the Humanitarian Futures Programme, on the FOREWARN Intiative in West Africa. Visit the page

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